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Weak 2 Bids developmentafter a response of 2NTbridge.

After a weak 2 bid, the partner can use 2NT if he wants to have more information about the hand of the opener. If the opener is maximum, he can show a feature A or K in another color by a rebid a 3-level. So let's admit this bidding sequence: 2S - 2NT - 3D. We know the opener had around 10 points, 6 spades and a feature at diamond. A helpful convention: Leaping Michaels direct-seat overcalls after they open a weak 2-bid. Over an opponent's Weak 2-Bid in a major opening of 2H or 2S, here are the meanings of "Leaping Michaels" direct overcalls:. Jump in a minor 2S-4C or 4D = That minorthe other major, strong 5-5 or betterDirect cuebid 2H-3H = Asks for stopper for notrump. The Case for the Weak NT: Going for a Number Nobody likes to get doubled and concede a big penalty. There will be times when this happens and you get a bad result that could only have been avoided by not playing a weak notrump in the first place.

Both the weak and strong notrump carry negative inferences that are useful after opening one of a suit. However, because the weak notrump includes all of the weakest playing strength opening hands, it has the effect of increasing the lower limit of your other one level openings. This is a big plus. Nov 30, 2014 · I want my opponents to leave my table with a smile on their face and without matchpoints on their score card - in that order. We have no trump texture and no Aces and are playing a weak 1N opening bid. Jeff goldsmith mentions as an aside in a problem set on his site that where there are two splinters available like here he prefers the. Dec 22, 2013 · You can definitely play that you can overcall with this stuff. I play 4 card overcalls and 1NT as a wide ranging weak takeout and it rarely gets nailed though I have definitely got nailed. I you are willing to contemplate that level of aggression, here is what I play, and Jeff goldsmith has a very good writeup on his website as well.

After Pass-Pass-Pass, there are some items to consider such as: FOURTH-SEAT WEAK 2-BIDS The normal range for a weak 2-bid is 6-10. But, after three passes, surely you wouldn't open the bidding with 6 points nor 7, 8, or 9. Really, the range for a 4th-seat weak two should be about 10-14. After three passes, I'd be happy to open 2 with: K Q 10. Lebensohl is a bidding convention used when the opponents interfere over 1NT. After partner opens 1NT and the next opponent doubles or bids up to 2, a 2NT bid is an artificial relay bid asking partner to bid 3.Responder then clarifies his hand with his second bid. If you get doubled in 3, there is no turning back, whereas if you bid 3, you can run to spades if necessary. Some players only use Michaels on weak hands around 0-10 and strong hands around 16. With the intermediate two-suiters of 11-15 points, they bid the higher-ranking suit first and hope they can rebid the other suit at their next turn. What constitutes “wrongful” hesitation in bridge? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 5 months ago. and thus that the signal is in some fashion weak. and so your partner may be constrained in their future actions. Jeff Goldsmith has a useful and interesting discussion about unauthorized information on. Jeff Goldsmith argues that losing count is the thing with these hands as one is generally bidding up a fit. He uses the 2NT relay as follows playing 'loose' weak twos. 2 - 2NT? 3 = poor weak two - 9 loser 3 = 8 losers, bad hand 3 = 8 losers, good hand 3 = 7 losers or better; But suggests a finer division using 'return to trump suit' as weakness.

Michaels Cue Bid Bridge Convention - Bidding and Responses.

Weak NT overcall - your opinion? - BBO Discussion Forums.

When Bill Jacobs published the book ”Fantunes Revealed” I was one of the first in Sweden to buy it. The system basics meats my ideas about the best design possible for constructive bidding. Opening one of a suit, forcing and the weak one no trump 12-15 hcp are both big winners. The champ, however, is the unbalanced one diamond opening. Janus – 1C is strong balanced or weak unbalanced, while 1D is strong unbalanced or weak balanced; from Fried Weber; Jump-Bidding – nice 1990 overview of the development of bidding, by Francesco Sallustio, using the jump-bid to demonstrate what makes a good convention. When the Chips Are Down. It is impossible to prepare these analyses, or do anything for that matter, without unremitting thoughts about the brutal attack on our country last month. My wife cries every day in empathy for the innocent victims and their families.

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