Blackjack Hi Opt 1 Card Count 2020

The Hi Opt 1 card counting system is so named because it’s considered “highly optimum”. This is one of the oldest and most traditional card counting systems,. Hi-Opt I is relatively simple 1st level balanced strategy developed by Lance Humble and Carl Cooper. This strategy was built on the Einstein count developed by Charles Einstein in the late 60's. It is a version of Hi-Opt highly optimum counting systems designed for use by more advanced blackjack players. Hi-Opt 1 which, incidentally, stands for Highly Optimal is a Blackjack card counting strategy that’s based on points. The reason for this is that it’s very difficult for most people to visualise all 52 cards in a deck, and from this subtract what they’ve already seen dealt in such a way that they know what’s still to come. The Hi-Opt 1 system is similar to the Hi-Lo Count, the main difference being that the 2's and aces count as O in the Hi Opt I. The Hi-Opt I has also been called the Einstein Count. A separate count of aces is kept in the Hi Opt I and the count of the aces determines multiple deviations from basic strategy.

"Einstein" Hi-Opt 1 Count. This card counting system which is sometimes referred to as the Einstein count is for advanced players, those who know basic strategy, have tried the Hi-Lo count and want to find something more to increase their odds. This system just like the Hi-Lo is based on the adding and subtracting principle. Hi-Opt I Count. Also called the Einstein Count. The Hi-Opt card counting system was developed by Julian Braun and Lance Humble and published in Humble’s The World Greatest Blackjack Book.The Hi-Opt I counting system has 3-6 as 1 with 10’s and face cards as -1. The ace and all other cards.

Hi-Opt 1 is sometimes called to be Einstein Count because it is the advanced card counting system. As well as any other system, Hi-Opt 1 is based on blackjack strategies and the principle of adding/subtracting points where your move will depend on the final result of your count. The High Opt 1 system is one of the High Optimum card counting systems and is more advanced than basic card counting systems like Hi Lo or KO Count. It will take more effort to master. The big advantage of the Hi Opt 1 system, however, is that this system is more precise and its true count reflects your advantage over the house more accurately. Hi-Opt I and Hi-Opt II Card Counting Systems For those of you looking for information on the Hi-Opt Systems for counting cards, look no further. We've built this page focused solely on these systems so that you can learn them quickly and begin to put them into practice while playing blackjack. Instead of a single-level 1 A single-level count assigns point values in such a manner that the non-zero point values are the same in absolute value, namely 1 or -1. The single-level Hi-Lo count, for example, assigns 2 – 6 as 1, 7 – 9 as 0, and Tens and Aces as -1. Not only does it maintain the side-count of Aces that is a part of Hi Opt 1, but it incorporates side-counts of 8's and 9's as well. While the difficulty level of the Hi Opt 2 is higher, it's also considered one of the most powerful card counting systems in existence.

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