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Definition of oxide. : a binary compound of oxygen with a more electropositive element or group. Definition of magnesium oxide. : a white highly infusible compound MgO used especially in refractories, cements, insulation, and fertilizers, in rubber manufacture, and in medicine as an antacid and mild laxative. See magnesium oxide defined for kids. Definition of zinc oxide. : an infusible white solid ZnO used especially as a pigment, in compounding rubber, and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations such as ointments and sunblocks See zinc oxide defined for kids.

medical Definition of nitrous oxide. : a colorless gas N2O that when inhaled produces loss of sensibility to pain preceded by exhilaration and sometimes laughter and is used especially as an anesthetic in dentistry — called also laughing gas. Nitric oxide definition is - a colorless poisonous gas NO formed by oxidation of nitrogen or ammonia that is present in the atmosphere and also in mammals where it is synthesized from arginine and oxygen and acts as a vasodilator and as a mediator of cell-to-cell communication as between nerve cells. Iron oxide definition is - any of several oxides of iron: such as. any of several oxides of iron: such as; ferric oxide; the monoxide FeO of iron See the full definition. Looking for definition of Oxide? Oxide explanation. Define Oxide by Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, Legal Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, Dream Dictionary. Definition of ethylene oxide. : a colorless flammable toxic compound C2H4O used especially in synthesis as of ethylene glycol and in sterilization and fumigation.

Oxide definition, a compound in which oxygen is bonded to one or more electropositive atoms. See more. oxide - any compound of oxygen with another element or a radical titania, titanic oxide, titanium dioxide, titanium oxide - a white powder used as a pigment for its high covering power and durability pentoxide - an oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in the molecule. Ethylene oxide definition, a colorless, odorless, gaseous, toxic, ring compound, C2H4O, usually obtained by the oxidation of ethylene: used chiefly in the synthesis of ethylene glycol. See more. oxide definition: a binary compound of oxygen with some other element or with a radicalOrigin of oxideFrench from Classical Greek oxys, acid, sour see oxy-French acide, acid. words created with Oxide, words starting with Oxide, words start Oxide. See the full definition of oxide at merriam The perfect dictionary for playing SCRABBLE ® - an enhanced version of the best-selling book from Merriam-Webster. Learn More ».

Nitrous Oxide Definition of Nitrous Oxide by Merriam-Webster.

Magnesium oxide definition, magnesia. See more.;; Everything After Z. Word of the Day; Video; Word Facts; Grammar; Crossword Solver; Daily Crossword; All The Words. British Dictionary definitions for magnesium oxide. magnesium oxide. noun. a white tasteless substance occurring naturally as periclase: used as an. Definition of oxide written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. What does oxide mean? oxide is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A binary compound of oxygen with another element or group. Definition of oxide in English: oxide. noun. A binary compound of oxygen with another element or group. Example sentences containing 'oxide'.It contains and iron oxide and was brought from the copper by women who were then often to the buildings. Most have that oxygen be present -- in the form of iron oxide in iron. THE planet's reddish is to iron oxide. The planet's red is caused by an of iron oxide rust! It from the earth as iron oxide, and it's to go back.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to characterize the oxide layer structure of Alloy 690TT and associated boron accumulation within its oxide layers in primary water at 330[degrees]C and 150 bars in the broad range of DH contents 0.4494-8.9880 mg/kg by using XPS. An oxide /ˈɒksaɪd/ is a chemical compound that contains at least one oxygen atom and one other element in its chemical formula. Metal oxides typically contain.

Oxide Definition of Oxide at.

9 entries found for oxide. To select an entry, click on it. oxide aluminum oxide calcium oxide ferric oxide iron oxide magnesium oxide nitrogen oxide nitrous oxide zinc oxide. Ceramic oxide definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! oxide British English: oxide NOUN An oxide is a compound of oxygen and another chemical element. The atoms combine to form molecules of iron oxide, or rust.

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