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I got the Aoyue 852A rework station this weekend 2nd hand from eBay for £89. It's almost new - the seller said he'd had it about 6 months, and has upgraded to an IR reflow oven. Took me about 5 minutes to master using it on an old ASDL model board, and I replaced a couple of SMT transistors in a CCS U-40 programmer I blew up last month. So it's saved me £50 already. Soldering station. Hi all, I don't know if my previous email went through, but I am looking to buy a good quality soldering station one that can do hot air rework would be good something like. MicroControllers › MicroControllers - PIC › PIC - [EE] Search everywhere only.

Hi, Sorry If I confused the issue when I started, I am looking primarily for an hot air soldering/rework station or dual function. I already have a normal soldering station, but found that for some jobs the hot gun type works well. Forrest, do you have the temperature set right? Just wondering about how much success anyone has had desoldering SMT parts for reuse. Actually wondering which of the various methods work or don't. I'm trying to get a air rework station but for now I have my normal soldering station and a spool of wick. I've had one person suggest to forget the wick and just alternate the iron tip from side to side on say a resistor until it comes loose.

I wouldn't use hot air - good for desoldering but not great for soldering IME. The way I usually do TQFPs is to put a dot of solder paste at each end of one row, place the part using my cheap substitute for a vacuum pick-up a probe with a blob of sticky blu-tak on the end. Align using magnifier, and flow the pins once aligned while holding chip down with a pointy probe to tack it in place. Sep 26, 2012 · Products Featured in this Video: Hot-air Rework Station - 303D: /products/10706 Hot-air Rework Nozzles - Y1126.

MADELL 850D HOT AIR REWORK STATION. Price: $215.00 850D with 4 Nozzles Price: $725.00 850D with 33 Nozzles Built-in sensor for steady temperature control at any air flow pressure. l Precise airflow and temperature adjustments. l Good for QFT, SOP. Aug 04, 2016 · Well, hot air rework stations are a little expensive by expensive, I mean that I can't afford it. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using a hot air plastic welding kit? I'm not looking to keep the host circuit boards in amazing shape or anything, I just want an easier way to remove DIP's and the like irons just don't do it!. Jun 26, 2013 · When you’re deciding on which rework station to get, you’ll need to consider the differences between a hot-air rework station and a desoldering station. Although the difference between the two types of rework stations isn’t terribly significant, you should know how each works before deciding which one best suits your needs and budget. Apr 09, 2015 · Hey, I'm looking to built a cost-effective setup for SMD work. My budget won't allow me to purchase both a high brand soldering iron and hot air station, and since I would eventually need both tools for SMD rework, then I guess I'll invest in low end budget tools. I've been doing research on the various off-brand rework stations that go under names like Kendal, Yihua, Standig, and WER. Powerful Rework Station Safer and more secure rework operation with upgraded soldering and desoldering tools 2-in-1 unit for space saving Compatible with N 2 system by purchasing N 2 iron. Possible to make full-scale thermal profiles with 6-zone hot air and a bottom heater.

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