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tmprss2 A gene on chromosome 21q22.2 that encodes an androgen-regulated transmembrane serine protease, the translocation of which to either ERG at 21q22.3 or ETV1 at 7p21.2 both of which belong to the ETS transcription factor family provides a selective mechanism for prostatic cancer initiation or, more likely, maintenance.

We 5 have recently reported a direct analysis of the expression of the TMPRSS2:ERG fusion gene in surgical samples from a total of 84 patients, 24 of whom had received presurgery androgen ablation therapy.
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Abstract TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusions are the predominant molecular subtype of prostate cancer. Here, we explored the role of TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion product using in vitro and in. TMPRSS2, a type II transmembrane serine protease, is highly expressed by the epithelium of the human prostate gland. To explore the regulation and function of TMPRSS2 in the prostate, a panel of monoclonal antibodies with high sensitivity and specificity were generated. TMPRSS2-ERG fusions are the most predominant molecular subtype, with multiple studies showing that approximately 50% of prostate cancers from prostate-specific antigen PSA screened surgical cohorts are TMPRSS2-ERG fusion-positive, and greater than 90% of prostate cancers over-expressing ERG harbor TMPRSS2-ERG fusions. Oct 28, 2005 · Recurrent fusion of TMPRSS2 and ETS transcription factor genes in prostate cancer.Two ETS transcription factors, ERG and ETV1, were identified as outliers in prostate cancer. We identified recurrent gene fusions of the 5' untranslated region of TMPRSS2 to ERG or ETV1 in prostate cancer tissues with outlier expression. tmprss15 A gene on chromosome 21q21 that encodes a serine protease responsible for activating pancreatic proteolytic proenzymes by catalysing the conversion of trypsinogen to trypsin, which in turn activates other proenzymes, including chymotrypsinogen, procarboxypeptidases and proelastases.

As outlined in this review, the knowledge gained within the last decades and the experience gained from the pandemic influenza A H1N1 2009 and HPAI outbreak greatly improved our understanding of the role of host cellular factors in the pathogenicity of IAV infection: i Several cell surface anchored trypsin-like serine proteases are candidates of HA-processing protease for seasonal human IAV, TMPRSS2, HAT and TMPRSS4. tmprss2 redirected from PP9284 A gene on chromosome 21q22.2 that encodes an androgen-regulated transmembrane serine protease, the translocation of which to either ERG at 21q22.3 or ETV1 at 7p21.2 both of which belong to the ETS transcription factor family provides a selective mechanism for prostatic cancer initiation or, more likely, maintenance. The TMPRSS2-ERG gene fusion is found in approximately half of all prostate cancers. The functional and prognostic significance of TMPRSS2-ERG is, however, not fully understood. Based on a historical watchful waiting cohort, an association between TMPRSS2-ERG, evaluated as positive immune staining, and shorter survival of prostate cancer patients was identified. The type II transmembrane serine proteases TMPRSS2 and HAT activate influenza viruses and the SARS-coronavirus TMPRSS2 in cell culture and may play an important role in viral spread and pathogenesis in the infected host. However, it is at present largely unclear to what extent these proteases are expressed in viral target cells in human tissues. TMPRSS2-ERG fusion gene is the most frequent, present in 40% - 80% of prostate cancers in humans. ERG overexpression contributes to development of androgen-independence in prostate cancer through disruption of androgen receptor signaling.

TMPRSS2, a Serine Protease Expressed in the Prostate on.

GeneCards Summary for TMPRSS2 Gene.TMPRSS2 Transmembrane Serine Protease 2 is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with TMPRSS2 include Prostatic Acinar Adenocarcinoma and Influenza. Among its related pathways are Coregulation of Androgen receptor activity and Regulation of Androgen receptor activity. Looking for online definition of TMPRSS or what TMPRSS stands for? TMPRSS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms TMPRSS - What does TMPRSS stand for? To investigate the association between the length of the polymorphic trinucleotide CAG microsatellite repeats in exon 1 of the AR gene and risk of prostate cancer containing TMPRSS2:ETS fusion genes. There was no association between CAG repeat length and risk of TMPRSS2. Jul 10, 2013 · The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus MERS-CoV utilizes host proteases for virus entry into lung cells. In the current study, Vero cells constitutively expressing type II transmembrane serine protease Vero-TMPRSS2 cells showed larger syncytia at 18 h after infection with MERS-CoV than after infection with other coronaviruses. Background. The androgen‐regulated gene TMPRSS2 to the ETS transcription factor gene ERG fusion is the most common genomic alteration acquired during prostate tumorigenesis and biased toward men of European ancestry. In contrast, African American men present with more advanced disease, yet their tumors are less likely to acquire TMPRSS2‐ERG.Data for Africa is scarce.

Apr 26, 2012 · TMPRSS2 is a prostate specific, androgen responsive, transmembrane serine protease. Ets family members are oncogenic transcription factors that contain a highly conserved Ets DNA binding region and an N-terminal regulatory domain. Dec 07, 2007 · TMPRSS2–ERG gene fusion leading to the androgenic induction of the ERG proto-oncogene expression is a highly prevalent oncogenic alteration. TMPRSS2-erg gene fusion in prostate cancer Article PDF Available in Biomedical papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacky, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia 1584 · December 2014 with 139 Reads. Nov 19, 2012 · TMPRSS2-ERG had independent additional predictive value to PCA3 and the ERSPC risk calculator parameters for predicting PCa. TMPRSS2-ERG had prognostic value, whereas PCA3 did not. Implementing the novel urinary biomarker panel PCA3 and TMPRSS2-ERG into clinical practice would lead to a considerable reduction of the number of prostate biopsies. TMPRSS13 synonyms, TMPRSS13 pronunciation, TMPRSS13 translation, English dictionary definition of TMPRSS13. abbreviation for Member of the Scottish Parliament TMPRSS13 - definition of TMPRSS13 by The Free Dictionary.

Aug 29, 2019 · TMPRSS2/ERG is the most common type of gene fusions found in human prostate cancer. There are two important features of TMPRSS2/ERG fusions. One is that these gene fusions lead to ectopic expression of ERG, an ETS family transcription factor, in prostate epithelial cells from the 5' control region of an androgen/estrogen dual-responsive gene. TMPRSS2-EPC2 represents the unique outcome of this grant effort focusing on unbiased evaluation of fusion transcripts in prostate cancer. Definition of the relative abundance of the TMPRSS2-ERG splice variants in prostate cancer provide novel information with respect to type II TMPRSS2-ERG transcripts and prognostic value. Looking for online definition of TMPU or what TMPU stands for? TMPU is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms TMPU Define erg erg- synonyms, erg- pronunciation, erg- translation, English dictionary definition of erg n. The centimeter-gram-second unit of energy or work equal to the work done by a force of one dyne acting over a distance of one centimeter. May 01, 2009 · Two studies show that the common recurrent gene fusion between TMPRSS2 and ERG promotes prostate cancer in both mouse and humans when PTEN is concurrently lost. In.

Recurrent fusion of TMPRSS2 and ETS transcription factor.

Sep 01, 2007 · Recurrent gene fusions between the androgen-regulated gene TMPRSS2 and the ETS family transcription factors ERG, ETV1, and ETV4 have been identified in the majority of prostate adenocarcinomas PCA. PCA is often multifocal with histologic heterogeneity of different tumor foci. As TMPRSS2 is a common 5′ partner of ETS gene fusions, we monitored TMPRSS2 rearrangement by. The biomarker panel PCA3 cut-off: 25 plus TMPRSS2-ERG showed an increased sensitivity of 88.1% without compromising the specificity of PCA3 49.6%. Sensitivity and specificity were not significantly different for the subgroup of patients without previous biopsies data not shown. Rational basis for the combination of PCA3 and TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion for prostate cancer diagnosis Article in The Prostate 1854 · April 2011 with 53 Reads How we measure 'reads'. TP'ed, TP'ing, TP's v. intr. To drape toilet paper on tree branches, shrubs, and other items in a yard as a practical joke. v. tr. TMPO - definition of TMPO by The Free Dictionary.

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